Concrete Polishing Burlington

A well looked after polished concrete floor immediately catches your attention and can truly be the centrepiece of any room or building. It’s easy to clean and maintain, but like other smooth floor surfacing such as marble or hardwood, ca be prone to damage.

As concrete polishing experts, Marble Express is here to help all Burlington homeowners and businesses keep their concrete floors in tiptop condition. We are delighted to offer you the best possible floor restoration and maintenance services that you’ll find in the region.

At Marble Express, delivering customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our customers think so too, having rated us 5 stars on Google and 10/10 with Homestars! Call the Marble Express team today on 647-771-5991 to discuss how we can help to refurbish your polished concrete floor. You won’t be disappointed!

Polished Concrete Floors Burlington

Having a well kept polished concrete floor not only looks excellent in your Burlington home or business, it’s also a great asset. However hard you try, however, natural water and tear and the odd accident will happen. Although a robust floor surface, polished concrete isn’t impenetrable, and the following damage can occur…

Scratches, scrapes and scuffs

Flooring by nature will be victim to footfall and the debris that’s lodged in footwear. This debris can cause major damage to polished concrete floors resulting in scratches, scrapes and scuff marks of different sizes and severity.

Build-up of dirt

Of course, scratches and scrapes are the perfect hideaway for harbouring all manner of dirt and muck that’s walked in. Over time, unless cleaned away, this debris will compact down and be even harder to remove.

Liquid damage

Leaving broken surface areas of your polished concrete floor unsealed also raises the risk of water seeping in from wet shoes and other liquid spillage. Concrete is naturally absorbent, so water or any kind of liquid will penetrate, spread out and cause staining.

Concrete Floor Finishing Burlington

Luckily, most types of damage to polished concrete flooring can be rectified. That’s where you’ll need the help of a professional concrete floor finishing company that serves Burlington, like Marble Express. Our skilled technicians are fully experienced in floor polished concrete flor renovation, so you really don’t need to worry.

The restoration process will of course depend on how bad the damage is to your flooring. A typical procedure used to remedy scratches, scrapes and staining include grinding the surface level down, filling any gaps, sealing the surface back up and then polishing. The result will be amazing, and your floor will look like new again.

Find out more about the polished concrete and concrete finishing services we offer by calling Marble Express on 647-771-5991