Marble Polishing Richmond Hill

Regular cleaning and maintenance are important for keeping your marble flooring immaculate, but even the best care can’t prevent the occasional scratch mark or scuff.

Let Marble Express help! We’re the Google 5 star ranking marble polishing company with a 10/10 on Homestars that’s proud to serve Richmond Hill customers.

Residential Customers

Have your marble floors or work surfaces started to look dull and tired? Whatever your marble polishing requirements are you can expect one of our highly experienced technicians to bring them back to life. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Commercial Customers

Maintaining great looking marble flooring and countertops in large foyers, reception areas, bars and restaurants can be a challenge. Not for Marble Express! We have huge experience helping business owners keep their marble surfaces in tip-top condition!

Marble Floor Polish & Shine Richmond Hill

Don’t suffer your unsightly marble floors anymore! Bring back that sparkle into your Richmond Hill home with a marble floor polish and shine

Stronger Surfaces

From scratches to etch marks, long-term use can take a toll on your marble’s finish. Keep it looking like new with a professional polishing job that strengthens and hardens the outer layer of the material.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Our staff know how to fill in scratches and marks. If heavy use has made your floors look dingy, calling a marble polisher is the solution.

Dirt and Germ-Free

Polishing not only makes your floors and countertops immaculate but also makes them more resistant to germs and microbes. Don’t let your family deal with dirty floors. Schedule a marble floor polish and shine at your Richmond Hill home!

Marble Floor Restoration Richmond Hill

Of course, there may be more serious damage to your marble floor. Don’t despair, we offer a comprehensive marble floor restoration service to Richmond Hill households and businesses.

Removing Etch Marks

Acidic beverages like soda or certain juices spilt on your marble countertop or floor can result in unremovable marks and discolorations. These are difficult to remove through cleaning, but a polish and shine can get the job done.

Scratches and Cracks

Even with the best of care, a marble floor is prone to scratches, and worse than that a crack could occur! Don’t’ panic – Marble Express has the expertise to remedy cracks and scratches. We’ll get your floor back to looking new before you know it!

How we restore

Our technicians use a variety of proven techniques to restore marble floors and countertops from grinding and honing the surface to polishing and buffing. Our experience in marble floor restoration is second to none and you will be delighted with the results.

Marble Express is here to help with all your marble polishing and restoration needs. Call us today on 647-771-5991.