Marble Polishing

You worked hard to renovate your house, adding premium limestone and marble finishes. Now protect that investment with our marble, travertine, limestone polishing, cleaning, grinding, sealing, and repair services.

Limestone and marble are great materials to use for your countertops, islands, floors, and other surfaces in your homes. They are sturdy, look elegant, and if properly taken care of can last you for many years.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of them.

Without proper care and treatment, small cracks will turn into larger ones and may force you to replace your entire counter or sections of your floor.

That’s why you need a good travertine limestone & marble polishing service like Marble Express. We believe it’s cheaper to restore than replace and it’s our goal to save you money.

Why Get Your Marble, Travertine, or Limestone Polished?

Marble, travertine, and limestone maintenance isn’t optional. If you want your counter or floors to last, you need to take care of it. Marble Express can restore and repair your existing marble and limestone, saving you money in the process.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Protect Your Investment.
    Even though a crack or scratch may look small, if you don’t get them taken care of they can develop into larger cracks that may require the entire counter to be replaced. We help you avoid this by protecting your countertops and the money you invested in them.
  • Transparent Pricing.
    We pride ourselves on having the best prices in Mississauga. You will be hard pressed to find a better offer than ours. Our pricing structure is transparent, we take the time to explain the repairs to you, and answer any questions that you may have.
  • Restore Your Existing Limestone and Marble
    Our restoration work will bring back the natural beauty of your limestone and marble.

We’re Your Travertine Limestone & Marble Polishing Experts

We know how to handle any defects in limestone and marble. Our marble, travertine, limestone polishing, cleaning, grinding, sealing and repair services are guaranteed to maintain your pristine marble surface for many years.

Our experienced professionals will be able to tell you which of these services you need. We offer the following services:

  • Scratch and stain removal
  • Cracks and holes repair
  • Sanding and polishing
  • Grout cleaning and repair
  • Replacement of tiles
  • Lippage removal

The Marble Express Process

We’ve worked hard to develop a restoration and repair process that doesn’t impact your ability to relax and enjoy your home.

Depending on the repairs you need, our professionals will:

  1. Protect any walls, cabinets, hardwood floors, and other surfaces with a sheet of plastic.
  2. Fill any holes and cracks with a durable epoxy glue.
  3. Use diamond pads to grind the entire surface that we are repairing.
  4. Polish any surfaces that we work on to create a high-gloss look.
  5. Clean old grout and replacing it if necessary.
  6. Seal the floor with an impregnating sealer.

Repair, Don’t Replace – Contact Marble Express Today

Marble Express prides itself on its high-quality craftsmanship, transparent pricing, and our customer-first approach. We have years of experience helping clients throughout Mississauga with our limestone, travertine, and marble polishing services. We value our customers and love seeing your reactions at the end of a project.

Don’t replace your existing limestone, travertine, and marble. We can help you breathe life back into it by repairing it. Our services are competitively priced and are far cheaper than outright replacing your existing premium stone. Contact us today if you have any questions about our polishing and repair services.

Save money by repairing

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