Marble Polishing Oakville

A beautifully kept marble floor can truly be the centre piece of any home. But marble, like any other stone flooring will need extra care and attention to ensure that it remains both beautiful and durable.

Has your marble flooring seen years of use that ruin its otherwise classic look? Are you worried that your regular cleaning and polishing isn’t enough to buff out those significant scuffs and scratches?

Then it really is time to get in touch with Marble Express! Our marble polishing service is readily available to all Oakville homes and businesses. We’re a Google 5 star rated company, with a 10/10 ranking on Homestars. Our reputation and customer satisfaction are second to none!

Marble Floor Polish & Shine Oakville

We have a historical love for marble flooring. A pristine, shining marble floor immediately catches the eye and has the real ‘wow’ factor. Unfortunately, constant footfall and other wear and tear can have real impact…

Traffic Lanes

Your marble floor may have begun to show scratches that follow a path. These ‘traffic lanes’ can be caused by small stones and other debris caught in footwear. As people walk their normal route across the floor, they scratch the marble surface as they walk along.

At Marble Express we have years of experience in remedying traffic lanes problems on marble floor surfaces. Our marble floor polish and shine service are available here in Oakville and will regain a blemish free reflective floor surface for you!

Etch Marks

Marble flooring can be prone to etch marks, which are caused when acids such as from lemon juice or Coca Cola spill onto them. The marble reacts with the acidity and discolours, which of course ruins the whole look of the floor.

Don’t worry – Marble Express is here to rejuvenate your discoloured floors with our marble polish and shine service. Our technicians are fully experienced in alleviating etch marks from any marble floor. You will be delighted with the results.

Marble Floor Restoration Oakville

Is your marble flooring in dire need of some attention? Don’t force yourself to look at those ugly scratches every day! The team at Marble Express are skilled professionals, dedicated to providing the best marble floor restoration services in Oakville. Your marble floors with look like new before you know it!

Techniques that work!

At Marble Express we only use proven marble floor restoration techniques that bring about amazing results. We’ll fully assess your damage in order to provide the best solution possible. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Helping your floors to be stronger

Our marble floor restoration service rebuilds the protective film on the surface. This will make it more resilient to potential damage that can occur overtime, including of course further scratching. What’s not to love about a beautiful and hardwearing marble floor!

Looking for marble polishing and restoration in Oakville? The Marble Express team is waiting for your call on 647-771-5991.