Marble Polishing Burlington

Marble floors and countertops can of course be fabulous, as long as they don’t look dreary and have wear and tear! If your marble flooring or countertops aren’t making you happy because they are dull, scratched or damaged, it’s time to call in the marble polishing expert in Burlington. Marble Express!

Marble Express has fast become the preferred marble polishing and restoration company servicing the Burlington area. Our customers have spoken, rating us 10/10 with Homestars and 5 stars in Google Local Business Reviews!

Marble Express offers its services to both residential and commercial customers. So, whether your family home, hotel reception area, condo lobby, restaurant or bar has problems with marble flooring or countertops, we can help! Our mission is to provide 100% satisfaction.

Marble Floor Polish & Shine Burlington

Marble flooring and countertops don’t come cheap, so keeping them in tip top condition is essential. Using Marble Express’s marble floor polish and shine service available in Burlington, we’ll get your surfaces looking reflective and fabulous!

Enhanced durability

A marble floor shouldn’t just look great, it should be able to shoulder the daily wear and tear that’s expected of it. With our marble polish and shine service you can expect to say goodbye to those scratches and scuff marks. Your floor will not only look fantastic but will have regained its natural protective film which will make it more resilient to any damage.

More hygienic

Any kind of scratches in your marble floor will welcome dirt and debris, and therefore potentially harbour germs and bacteria. No matter how much you clean, you still may not be able to reach down to remedy the situation. A marble floor polish and shine will get rid of those scratches, making your floor’s surface seamlessly smooth again. Your floor won’t just amazing, it will of course be easier to clean and maintain, and be more hygienic!

Marble Floor Restoration Burlington

Marble Express technicians are highly skilled and have extensive experience. As a reputable marble floor restoration company, we provide Burlington customers with only the best solutions that achieve the best results! A typical marble floor restoration will include…


Marble Express specialists start by flattening and smoothing out roughness throughout the floor. Even the deepest scratches won’t stay long with our grinding process.


We use industrial diamonds for an even smoother, more natural shine. This precision cleaning process in your marble floor restoration ensures that your floors retain their looks throughout the years.


This next step is essentially a continuation of the previous one. Additional refinement results in an exceptionally smooth surface.


Finally, we use a chemical reaction to generate a thin, protective film above the marble for that reflective, museum-like look. The result is will be amazing!

Whatever your marble polishing or restoration requirements are in Oakville choose the best! Choose Marble Express. Call us on 647-771-5991.