Marble Polishing Toronto

You spend a lot of time and effort keeping your home looking great. Now it’s time to protect that significant investment you’ve made in your marble countertops and floors.

Marble Express is the go-to service provider for affordable marble polishing in Toronto. Let our team of experts get your beautiful marble looking like new again. You, your family and friends will be amazed at our results. See the difference our quality service can make!

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We offer both Residential and Commercial services

If you’re a homeowner in Toronto, or across the GTA, Marble Express should be the Number 1 choice for all your marble polishing requirements. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the work we do for you! Don’t forget to check out our Testimonials section to see the great things people are saying about.

For Commercial customers we offer the complete range of marble polishing services in and around Toronto. Whether you have a large apartment complex lobby that needs rejuvenating, boutique hotel foyer, bar or restaurant floors or countertops, we’ll achieve perfect results.

Marble Floor Polish & Shine Toronto

Why bother investing in a marble polish and shine service for your Toronto home or commercial premises?

Enhanced Durability

The last thing you want is scratches or shattering on your gorgeous marble flooring. A marble floor polish and shine not only increases scratch resistance but also raises the density, compression strength, and hardness of the material overall. You won’t have to worry about ugly damages anymore thanks to polishing.

Better Aesthetics

Marble is supposed to look beautiful, after all. Even small etch marks can ruin an otherwise immaculate floor, so let a marble polisher fill in all the minor scratches that accumulate over time with use.

Clean and Shiny

Flooring often harbours harmful germs and dust. In addition to your regular cleaning, let our marble polishing service make your marble easier to clean and resistant to microbial growth.

Marble Floor Restoration Toronto

Like any other surface, overtime marble will suffer wear and tear. Let our marble floor restoration service in Toronto get things back to they way they should be!
What are Etch marks?

Because marble is a moderately soft stone with a calcium carbonate composition, it’s prone to an effect known as etch marks. These occur when acid reacts with the material and eats away at the surface, creating dull spots.

You may see etch marks if you spilled some tomato or lemon juice recently. Because it changes the composition of the marble itself, an etch isn’t as easy to remove as a stain.

What Are Traffic Lanes?

Marble is also prone to scratching. Sharp rocks and debris often get stuck under our shoes when we arrive home from a long walk. These particles scratch marble flooring little by little, creating a “traffic lane” effect that lead in the direction of our walks.

Why Does Marble Lose Its Shine?

As mentioned, heavy foot traffic over long periods of time scratch away at the floor’s surface. Sometimes, cleaning solutions not designed for marble can degrade the flooring as well.

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