Marble Polishing North York

Marble flooring is a worthwhile investment for any home or building. But dull and worn out, marble flooring can look a complete eyesore! Let Marble Express transform your floors and surfaces with our complete marble polishing services in North York!

Marble Express continues to be the preferred marble polishing and refurbishment company in the region with a perfect 5.0 rating on Google and a 10/10 on Homestars. Our commitment and dedication to providing customers with exceptional service shines out from others. Our reputation truly is second to none!

Marble Express provides marble floor polishing services to both home and business owners. However large your home or premises is, our highly experienced technicians will take time to help you protect and maintain your marble. You can expect your marble to continue to look beautiful for years to come.

Marble Floor Polish & North York

Marble floors are fantastic, but like any other surfaces they can quickly suffer problems due to everyday wear and tear. We’re only a phone call away for all your marble floor polish requirements in North York!

If It’s Losing Its Shine

Foot traffic on a floor and the shuffling of pots and pans across a countertop will of course wear away at your marble’s surface. What was once a reflective shine is probably now slightly muted and less vibrant. That’s where a high-quality marble floor or surface polish steps in to bring that shine back!

If You See Etch Marks

Etch marks occur when acid reacts with the calcium carbonate in marble. That’s when dull spots appear on the surface, and these marks are mostly impervious to many cleaning products. Only a marble floor polish will clear those marks from the stone and bring it back to life!

If You See Traffic Lanes

All the rocks and sharp objects that attach to your shoes when you walk outside can scratch up your marble flooring as well. Ouch! The resulting defects are called ‘traffic lanes’ and really do stand out like a sore thumb on the floor surface. Our highly qualified marble floor polish technicians can easy remedy this for you.

Marble Floor Restoration North York

Over time, marble can suffer even more serious damage from a variety of circumstances. That’s where a reputable marble floor restoration company in North York steps in!

Enhanced Durability

Old marble is porous and usually filled with cracks. Water can seep in and cause additional damage and discoloration. A restoration job recreates the protective film and surface, resulting in a more durable surface.

Beautiful Aesthetic

We all know that scratches and scuff marks are the last things we want to see in an expensive marble finish. It’s quick and easy to make your floors look like new again. Our experienced teams use the latest technology to restore your beautiful surfaces.

Improved Safety

Marble floor tiles can shift a little causing a potential tripping hazard. A chipped floor corner can cause the same. At Marble Express we know how important it is to maintain a safe floor surface. Let our marble restoration team visit your North York home or premises to improve safety.

Call Marble Express today on 647-771-5991 to discuss your marble polishing or restoration needs!